MuseumsIndustriesSwimming PoolsIce Rinks

of thermodynamic systems
    and ecological filtrations

For over 20 years, EcoEnergie has been conceiving and integrating equipment for the treatment of air and water and for energy management.

EcoEnergie aims to improve comfort, while keeping the existing structures, and to reduce consumptions and exhausts, her expertise allowing her to custom-build all the equipment, based upon the project constraints.

The quality of her processes, their efficiency and longevity make her a recognized actor in the following application fields :

Museums, dissociated air conditioners

Industries, thermodynamic dry air productions

Swimming pools,
fresh air modulation or thermodynamic dehumidifiers
public pools, private pools, thalassotherapy, thermal therapy, balneotherapy, aquariums

Ice rinks, ambient air and fresh air handlers

EcoEnergie offers 100% guaranteed successful processes thanks to:
- quality equipment adapted to the location of use
- customized dimensions that take in consideration the characteristics of your installation
- simplified and efficient regulation for quality exploitation
- partners who deliver.

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November 2004 :

A few important orders since January 2004...
Station de potabilisation de l'eau de la Rivière Capot, in Martinique, for Ondéo-Degrémont.
Several laboratories for Sanofi-Synthélabo, with Bet Bétérem and Géniclim.
Public pool of Hendaye, with Bet Gruet Ingénierie and Domec.
Public pool of Fontenay-Trésigny, with Bet GN Ingénierie and Pillot.
L'Espace de loisirs et de bien-être of Tignes, with Bet Codef Ingénierie and Imatec.
Public pool of Club Med of Peisez Nancroix, with Bet Abac Ingénierie and Alpes Énergie.
Public pool of Les Sables d'Olonne, with Bet Cigétec and Robin.
Public pools of Blanquefort and d'Eysines, with exploitant Dalkia.
Public pool of the hotel Multeinversion, with Bet Gros and Arti.
Public pool of Saint Laurent de Mûre, with Bet Teb and Hervé-Thermique.
Institut Thalassol of Barcarès, with Elyo.
Hotel du Mont Thabor, with Costa.
Public sea water pool of the Casino de Biarritz, with le service des sports.
Private pool of Les Fondettes, with Climagine.
Public pool of Delle, with Bet Gaudriot and Eimi.
Public pool of La Mulatière, with Bet Sépoc and Gillet.
Centre Nautique of Alès, with Bet Cetex Ingénierie and Largier.
Centre nautique du Ramier of Blagnac, with Bet Lco Ingénierie and Axima.